Why Online Motorbike Games Are Popular

Online motorbike games are really popular these days. Everyone seems to be playing them regardless of their age and skill. From young kids to professional gamers – everyone is playing these online games. These games have thus developed a huge fan following who swear by these games.

These games are mainly flash-based games that can be played on any platform and any flash supporting browser. This is most definitely one of the main reasons behind the success of these online motorbike games. Most modern PC games require you to have high-end gaming oriented systems for full enjoyment of the games. Similarly, console games also require that you have the latest console for which the game has been developed. These restrictions and costs really take away from the enjoyment of the games.

Hence, when gamers are given a simple and free alternative they quickly pick it up. There are easily more casual gamers in this world than hardcore or pro gamers. These casual gamers do not want to change their system or invest in high-end systems. They just want to play games for a short period whenever they want to. Since most of these online motorbike games are free and do not require registration, there is hardly anything stopping these people from playing these games.

It is easy to find sites that host these games through search engines like Google. Once you are on these sites, you will be greeted with a large collection of such games from which you can take your pick. You can also try out as many games as there are or as many as you like.

Another major aspect of the popularity of these games is the fact that they are often these flash versions of some of the old console and arcade games. These games are thus often the only way you can enjoy those old games that are out of production. These old games combine a sense of nostalgia and novelty for most gamers. Those who have grown up with these games really appreciate the chance to relive their gaming days. Others enjoy the challenge of these old games.

This challenging aspect of these games is probably the most important part. These games are the kind that can be easily learned but they cannot be easily mastered. It will hardly take you a few minutes to get used to the game but it might take you months to reach the end of the game.

The games become progressively tougher and in most cases there are game saving features. Thus once you have closed the game or run out of chances, you will be a back at the beginning of the game. There are of course cheat codes that you can use but some games remain challenging and downright addictive.

It is this addiction that ultimately hooks people onto these games. While the companies are releasing realistic games with advanced 3D modeling and physics, gamers everywhere are still addicted to these simple 16-bit 2D game emulations. Thus showing the power of these games.

Most Popular Card Games In India

Playing games online is one of the IN things these days, mainly because of the increasing Internet penetration, lack of time, hectic lifestyle, integration of the social element in gaming which is taking the online gaming business to an extraordinary level. Strategy based games, role playing games, social games, war games, shooting games, racing games, sports based games, flash games are the most common games that you will find people hooked to but it is the traditional card games that are making their way ahead in the recent times.

There would be different opinions about what are the best card games available online for Indian because every person has a preference for which card game do they enjoy the most but the truth is that Indians love to play card games and now this love is slightly shifting. No, they are not playing other games but the difference is that they are playing the same old card games online.

Teen Patti: Whenever someone talks about gambling in India, Teen patti is the name that comes up. This game is also called as Flash (may have been derived from the term Flush) and is similar to some versions of Poker card game. Teen patti originated in India and is now a popular card game in entire south Asia. In India, Teen patti is not allowed to play for real money and there are a few websites offering it for fun too.

Poker: Poker is not a very popular card game in India and is primarily a game of the west. In India, people with a west connection know about it and are starting to learn playing poker through some websites and social apps available on Facebook.com. Poker is by far the most played card game in the world and online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry. Poker by essence is a game of chance and involves a lot of luck which is one of the prime reasons it is not allowed to play for real money in India. PartyGaming is one of the biggest poker companies of the world and is known for its famous online poker website partypoker has a revenue of around $450 million.

29 card game (also called 28): 29 is one of the most popular card games in UP, Bihar, West Bengal and is also played a lot in Bangladesh. It is said that 29 is a variant of Jass Games from Europe and was brought in India by the Dutch traders. Twenty nine is really exciting and people play it all night and infact fight to play for it. 29 is a team game played with 4 players where 2 players become partners and the objective of this game is to gather maximum number of points. The game is played with 32 cards of a single pack of cards where Jack is the highest card and Nine is the second highest card. The trump is not disclosed in the beginning and hided by the person who claims to make the highest number of points in the beginning of the game. Jokers are not involved in this game.

Rummy: Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India and is played by commuters in trains, friends on weekends and holidays, women in social parties, men in local clubs. The most exciting thing about rummy is that the uniqueness it offers with each game and moreover the kind of skill that one has to apply to arrange the cards is just a great mix of skill and intellect. In India, Rummy is the only card game that is legal to play for real money and already lacs of users are playing rummy online on Games24x7.com for real cash. This website offers unlimited number of free rummy games so that users can get accustomed to the online version and look and feel. The website also Jhatpat rummy tournaments where users dont have to put any money and still they can win cash prizes.

Dehla Pakad (Variation of Coat Piece and Chokdi): Dehla pakad is another team game where 2 players form a team and is played with a single pack of cards. The aim of this game is to make a make a minimum of seven hands and gather more than two 10s in those hands. If a team is able to collect three 10s, they win that particular game even if they make less than seven hands. If a team is able to get the four 10s, the opponent gets a coat (also called as kot). Each player is dealt thirteen cards in three rounds where five cards are distributed in first round and the first opponent has to declare a trump from those five cards. After that four cards are distributed to each player in two rounds.

Most of us would have tried their hands on these card games with their friends and family members and most of you would try and find excuses to meet up with friends to play these games but the inability to meet up with friends to play these card games for hours is what takes you to websites that offer card games online. When it comes to playing card games online in India, you would not find online version of 29 card game and Dehla-pakad but you would find good enough versions of teen patti, poker and rummy.

You would be surprised to see a fantastic website that offers 13 cards Indian rummy online where one can play free rummy as well as rummy for cash. The best part is that you get to invite your friends and family to play rummy with you. A real like table was there and two players are sitting at two ends playing rummy, chatting through the chat feature and having a really good time. What else does one needs?

From all the card games available for Indians, rummy card becomes the top choice here because it is the game with which majority of Indians are familiar with, it can be played with only two players whereas games like poker, Dehla-pakad, 29 etc need at least three or four people to play or to make it interesting. When it comes to Online arena, rummy also wins the race because website like Games24x7.com offers you to play free rummy, win free cash as welll as play rummy for cash. So, when you have an option to play for free and still win real money, why not play rummy which is already a known game, popular game, fun, exciting and interesting!!

Lin Qi Youzu :best Mmorpg Games-all In-demand

MMORPG refers to massively multiplayer online role-playing games which a kind of computer is gaming. Here contact among many players inside the game’s virtual world takes place.

It’s identical to other role-playing games character ruled with fantasy, and character’s actions are taken over by players.

The main difference between MMORPGs and another small multi-player RPGs and other game played by single players is the constant world of the game. The game will also keep progressing and going on even when the player is not online or even away from it. However, the number of players is the same. The information about it is brought together on a server or even servers that are hosted by its publishers.

Most people believe that most of the popular MMORPGs get founded on certain themes. These games get set in a world equal to that of typical RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. With the amalgamated ideas, most people use them to replace or merge elements of fantasy with those of crime fiction, sorcery and sword, science fiction or steampunk. A few MMORPGs browser gamesalso use thematic materials from fairly tales, myths, comic books as well as other fields. You develop the elements using landscape and related tasks that use monsters, booty and missions.

With MMORPGs, your primary goal is to the development of the player’s character. You will do this by gaining knowledge or experience that can be increased by doing the tasks, plots or defeating different bosses or rivals. Once you get the exact amount of experience, you can make the character rise as a gamer. You will level up by making the character stronger by gaining knowledge of more skills as well as increasing innate qualities like health, power, intelligence, dexterity and many more.

Once the character rises, the equipment becomes more and more important. You will get more costumes, protective covering, accessories and arms. High-level equipment is costly and much rarer as compared to low-level machine that is quite uncomplicated to obtain.

To get the best possible progression rate, the best way to achieve this is by players teaming up with other players. The players form a group or party to destroy the monsters and bosses and also find the way through any unsafe prison. With this, it’s called cooperative play other than competitive gaming. The competitive gaming is awfully popular among MMO enthusiasts.

With MMORPG browser games, they are virtual worlds in which players can form a character that will enable them to take part in many adventures and have fun.

Most sites that provide these games get enough money that allows them stay in business even when you fail to pay some things. When you join, some sites require you to pay lots of cash, and this is how they get money to stay afloat in business. The sites with free offers get income from advertisers, and this is how you end up finding ads on the sites.

Best Games to Buy in a Xbox 360 Sale

If you are looking to know which are the best video games to buy in an Xbox 360 sale, and you want to know when and where to find them, then continue reading.

When and Where to Find Games in a Xbox 360 Sale

When new games are released they can be very expensive, especially if you want to buy more than one at a time. The best thing to do is to wait a few months and then you can usually pick the games up in an Xbox 360 sale. You might find these in store, but for the cheapest price then usually you have to shop online. Games that are older can be bought at a very good price, with sometimes fifty percent or more off the original price. There may be the odd game that always holds its price for a very long time. A good example of this would be the Call of Duty game series, where the latest one, will be at a price close to the recommended retail price, until the next one is due out.

Knowing Which Video Games to Buy

There are hundreds of games to choose from, but which ones are the good ones to buy? If you are a seasoned gamer then you may already know the answer to that question, but if you are new to gaming or a parent of a child who owns a Xbox 360 console, then the answer may not be as obvious.

There are so many different genres to choose from, so sometimes it comes down to which type of games you like to play. I will talk about the main genres and the best games for those genres. These games will have already been released, for at least a few months. This will hopefully help you choose the best buy Xbox 360 games.


Batman: Arkham City is a brilliant action game that captures the role of Batman. Even if you are not a fan of Batman, this is a must have game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may not be the latest offering, but is probably still the best first person shooter available. This has a great single-player and multiplayer game. It also allows you to play co-op with a friend.

Gears of War 3 is the last in the trilogy of the sci-fi first person shooting games. This is a violent but satisfying game for adults. If you have 4 friends then you can play the game in a 4 player co-op mode, which can be great fun.

Role Playing

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just one of those essential games you must own. Become any character you want and explore a vast world in this open fantasy adventure. You even get to fight dragons!

Fable III is the best Fable game to date. You get to play the hero and explore the world of Albion. This game has action and adventure in abundance, with lots of different choices on the way that will affect the game play.


Bioshock 2 is a more adult type adventure set in an underworld city. This is not your usual type of game and has an old style and futuristic feel about it. It is weird, creepy and very enjoyable game that will have you fighting and exploring the world of Rapture.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a vast open world full of gangs, cars and guns. This is a game definitely for adults, with a lot of swearing and violent battles. This is described as the definitive sandbox game. The fifth game in the series is soon to be released, so you should definitely be able to get the forth one in a Xbox 360 cheap deal.

Red Dead Redemption is a western themed open environment game where you get to ride horses instead of driving cars. This has great characters and an engrossing story. Being a cowboy has never been so good.


Forza Motorsport 4 is the best racing simulation to date on the Xbox 360 and with this version you can even control the cars using the Kinect motion sensor.

F1 2011 is a formula one racing game with great handling cars. This also has a fun co-op championship mode that you can enjoy with a friend.

Buying in a Xbox 360 Game Sale

You should be able to find most of the games mentioned in this article in an Xbox 360 game sale. Just search around the internet and you should be able to get yourself a great deal. There are a lot of other great games, which may have been around for some time, that will be available cheaper than the original price. Just know that if you are prepared to wait a few months, to play the latest games, then you can always get them in an Xbox 360 sale and save yourself money.

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Best Gaming Desktop Computers

Even though mobile devices seem to flourish along with gaming consoles, gaming PCs are still a reality. They get tougher and tougher by each passing day with new technologies added and new inventions becoming powerful hardware components.

Gamers are aware that there is no console or other type of gaming device that can truly beat the performance a desktop can bring. But how do you separate the winners from the losers? Which is the best gaming computer the market has to offer?

There are several things that need to be taken into account if you ever hope to answer this question. If you start from the outside and work your way in, the first thing to take into account is the design.

Most gaming desktops come in all sorts of designs, ranging from minimalist to functional to out of this world. Some even look like future machines since they incorporate unusual design lines into their build. Nonetheless, it’s important not get caught up in these details but to focus on finding the best gaming computer you can accommodate at home. It has to look good, but it also has to function properly.

This brings us to the internals. The hardware part of any gaming computer usually drives people away. It seems complicated at first, but once you know what you’re looking for in a specs list, it all becomes clear.

For a computer to run, it needs:

a motherboard;
a processor (or CPU);
RAM (or system memory);
a video card (you’ll need a dedicated video card if you wish to get a gaming computer);
a sound card (most people get computers with integrated sound cards);
a hard drive (SSD is your best choice if gaming desktops are in question);
a PSU (short for Power Supply Unit);
a case where everything comes together.

Now let’s take these components separately and see what’s best to choose for a gaming rig:


The motherboard is where all the other parts are connected. This is where the processor is inserted into the socket, the RAM and graphics card are inserted into their slots and where all the drives are connected.


The processor is one of the most important parts in any desktop since it’s the hardware part that does all the calculations. Every modern games needs a powerful processor to run properly and you should target desktops with at least a quad-core processor installed.

Now you’ve got plenty of choices here, but it is recommended you choose a computer with either an Intel Core i5 or i7. These are powerful enough to run pretty much any demanding tasks you throw at them, games included.


RAM or system memory are small cards which are installed on the motherboard and they help the processor get stuff done (I won’t go into detail here). The thing to keep in mind is that the more RAM a system has, the better it will run, the faster everything loads and so forth.

For a gaming computer you should aim at getting one with at least 4-8 GB of RAM installed. The more you can afford, the better it will be in the long run.

Video Card

The video or graphics card is perhaps the most important component in a gaming desktop PC. It will determine what you can play and at what quality settings. Most computers come with integrated graphics cores which are not recommended since they use available RAM to get the work done, which can leave the processor wanting more system memory.

You need a desktop that has a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB of dedicated video RAM (or VRAM). You have two options for manufacturers here. One is NVIDIA which produce high-end graphics cards and the other is ATI which some people find to be more affordable. Most people tend to opt for gaming desktops with NVIDIA graphics cards. If you do this, you should get one with a 600 series graphics card installed.

Sound Card

Now most people never even saw what a sound card looks like, since they are fairly rare. It will make a huge difference in the way you perceive a gaming world if you choose to go with a computer that has a dedicated sound card. These cards output on 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound channels and are the best choice when gaming or entertainment desktops are concerned.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of those components that often gets overlooked. People tend to opt for desktops with large capacity drives but never enquire about the performance a hard drive has on a system. For a gaming desktop you need to squeeze every last bit of performance so everything runs smooth. This means you need a computer that has a hard drive with at least a 7200rpm disk.

If your budget can take it, you have to get a desktop that carries an SSD drive. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and is just what the name implies – a solid state drive. It contains no moving parts and electronically speaking, it’s basically a large flash drive. These drives are typically more expensive, but they can reach data transfer speeds of up to 12x more than regular hard disk drives.


The power supply unit provides power to the motherboard which powers pretty much anything directly connected to it, to the hard drives and optical drives, and to the system cooling which consists of either fans or pumps (if you get the newer desktops with liquid cooling).

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Thanks For Visiting Us – You Will Find Your Number Greatest Y8 Game Here – Always Best Games Here

– Go to blogs. There are many review internet sites which overview all the most recent games, whether online or console ones, so you can know what professionals have to consider about every single game prior to likely on to enjoy it. Some websites even have links to great game titles. Maintain an eye out for weblogs that supply you with backlinks to games that are wonderful for women.

– Play each sport your self first. It will be best if you can make by yourself acquainted with every single sport you pick for your female to perform, since you’ll be ready to guide her much better, in order for her to enjoy the match to the optimum. As soon as she receives older, nonetheless, this will almost certainly be reversed, with you turning out to be the scholar and your little girl, the teacher.

– Examine ahead of environment up account. If a internet site asks for as well considerably of individual info, you need to have to make sure it really is not a rip-off prior to you place in beneficial info. Sensitive information should not be handed in excess of to discussion boards that are not dependable. Also, if you discover a web site to include a great deal of fraud, go for an additional internet site. This a single is almost certainly unsafe.

– Select online games that are appropriate for your small lady. There are game titles that might include certain stages or actions unsuitable for minor children. In situation you’re concerned about that, you must make a point of enjoying every sport your self just before introducing your youngster to it. This will help decrease any uncertainties that you may have.

All the Jax and Daxter game titles’ stories are all linked with one particular another. It is a continuation of one soon after the other. Daxter is truly the fifth instalment for this gaming collection. Apart from this, this is the very first match of the sequence that stars Daxter and not Jak.

If you don’t know who Daxter is, he is the sidekick of Jak in the Jak and Daxter video clip game instalments. Daxter is a human-like character who lived in Sandover Village and is Jak’s buddy. In the sport, Jax and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the two people go to Misty Island in which they have been forbidden to go. After they have attained their destination, they witnessed a accumulating of Lurkers getting requested by two cruel people. Right after possessing witnessed the cruelty that was done to the Lurkers, the figures obtained paranoid and desired to get out of the island. When they had been about to get off, they observed the pool of Dark Eco. Daxter starts examining the Darkish pool and Jak sees a tiny Crimson Eco barrel. When they have been just about to leave, a Lurker Commander assaults them. Jak throws the barrel at the commander and kills it but the blast flings Daxter into the Darkish Eco pit. Though Daxter will get out of the pit properly, he has been transformed into an animal that’s 50 % otter and half weasel.

After this incident, they go back to Sandover Village and they look for Samos, Sage of Inexperienced Eco, to support Daxter remodel back to his normal condition.

Tips For Getting Best Games Dvds

DVD wholesale supplyYoungsters today play a lot of games on their PC, resulting in heavy demand for Games DVDs. They buy the DVDs, but after beating the game or becoming bored with it, they want to get rid of those DVDs. As a result, many people have a number of games DVDs that they want to discard; most of them want to sell them off for whatever price they can get. Most of them sell them online. Getting best games DVDs is therefore not a problem.

Tips for getting best games DVDs

�EBay, Amazon.com and similar sites sell anything and everything online, and it is no different for games DVDs. For game lovers these sites are a virtual paradise for getting best games DVDs at marked down prices. As you well know, when you shop online, you save considerably.

�There are several other sites that sell second hand stuff including DVDs. Check these out for the best deals on offer.

�Obviously, the best course of action and perhaps the easiest one is to search online for reputed games Online DVD Supplier. A simple Google search will show hundreds of websites selling games DVDs. Take your time to settle on one of the Games DVD suppliers and place your order for the games DVD of your choice.

�While searching for games DVDs you are bound to find a lot of unwanted information. One way to avoid this is to filter out unwanted words by typing minus sign and placing the words you don’t want in the search string within parentheses.

�Getting Best tv show DVDs is an easy task for people who know how. People selling games DVDs sometimes do not know its value and list a ridiculously low price. If you are lucky, you might get best games DVDs for a throwaway price.

�Depending on the search keyword string you place in the search engine, you might uncover classic games and get best games DVDs cheap.

�You might also want to look out for people who are selling an almost brand new game. He or she might have already beaten the game or was bored of it and wants to sell. This could be a great deal for you because you are getting best games DVD at best price, for a relatively new release.

�When you buy the Best exercise DVDs, it might be a good practice to compare prices at different websites selling the same product. This way, you often end up paying less than you imagined.

�Moving away from the online world, visit garage sales in and around your neighborhood. There’s every possibility that you might find the best game DVD at half the price.

�Check out your neighborhood DVD rental stores � they might just have some of the Documentary DVDs online that you were looking for and are willing to sell.

Getting best games DVDs, although not difficult, requires time and patience. Sifting through the large volume of data can be tedious, but will ultimately pay off. Make use of the tips we have given here to find what you need.

The Best Family Hotel In Austria

The Family Hotel in Austria refers to a part of Hotel St. Johann that offers excellent facilities for the entire family, including little kids. Familienhotel from Hotel St. Johann is a top-class hotel in Austria. It aims to provide excellent service and accommodation for families vacationing in the country. It is the best family hotel in Austria that you can find.

The hotel is part of an entire hotel complex made up of three different houses, namely the Alpine Villas, Hotel Central, and St. Johanner Hof. A short distance away lies St. Johanns pedestrian zone and the ski lifts for convenient access to the ski slopes. The hotel is also near the Panoramic Water World, which offers treats for both the parents and the kids. Parents can enjoy the sauna area with an infrared cabin and steam baths, while kids can splash around in the indoor and outdoor pools complete with slides.

As a family hotel in Austria, Hotel St. Johann also offers ready packages for family vacations during the summer and the winter seasons. If you are interested in booking a vacation at Familienhotel, you can just avail of their all-inclusive hotel packages. The packages include breakfast buffets, sparkling wine, themed dinner buffets at the Markplatz restaurant, Grannys cakes for afternoon snacks, and free use of most of the facilities in the hotel including Internet terminals and the St. Johann Swimming Baths, all of which are offered at the family hotel in Austria.

To make sure that families booked in the Hotel St. Johann family hotel in Austria, the hotel also provides top-of-the-line rooms for ultimate guest comfort. The rooms are majestically styled in the traditional Tirolean architecture. All rooms also provide fantastic views of the breathtaking Alpine peaks. Rooms are also equipped with free cable TV, with the best channels including Disney Channel for kids enjoyment. The cable programs are also offered in various languages, making sure that anyone is welcome in the hotel. All these are included as part of the family packages in the hotel.

Hotel St. Johann, however, goes the extra mile as the best family hotel in Austria. They also offer entertaining and helpful facilities targeted to families with children. Now, you dont have to worry about how to take care of your kids and have fun at the same time. Familienhotel offers childcare and baby care services that can help you care for your kids while on vacation. Thats why it has been named as the best family hotel in Austria. Kids staying in the hotel can join the Koasamandl Happy Club and play in the playground with the trampoline, tower, and a Tirolean-style hut. Children are very much welcome in the hotel, and children will also like staying in the hotel. Families vacationing in the hotel can leave their children to their utmost enjoyment at the Koasamandl playing rooms complete with Super Nintendo game gadgets and plenty of other games. The family hotel in Austria also offers toddlers weeks and cubs weeks, during which they provide baby care for babies from 0 to 2 years old.

If you are planning to take your whole family to experience the Alpine slopes, theres nothing to keep you from doing so. With the Hotel St. Johann family hotel in Austria, you can bring your entire family along and trust that youll get all the help and assistance you need from the best family hotel in Austria.

Best Spots For Celebrity Sightings Near Paramount Ca

One of the most likely places to see a celebrity in Los Angeles is at a restaurant and the restaurant that is most popular with celebrities in the area is The Ivy. This restaurant, located on North Robertson Boulevard features a lovely outdoor seating area that is not only great for dining but also seeing who is there. Some of celebrities that have been seen enjoying lunch here include Brad Pitt, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan, all of which have been seen here more than once.

Celebrities really aren’t that different from the rest of us when it comes to needing that cup of coffee every morning to get the day going. And because there are always lots of famous people in the Hollywood and Beverley Hills areas you’re bound to see one going into or coming out of a local coffee shop. One of the best coffee shops to see celebrities at is the Starbucks that is located in Brentwood on San Vicente where it meets Bundy Drive. Singer Sheryl Crow is a well-known regular here.

Basketball games are another great place to see lots of celebrities that call LA their home. Both the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers play at the Staples Center located just 25 minutes north of Paramount. Some of the celebrities who are most often seen at these games include Adam Sandler, Diane Lane, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, Sean Combs, Charlize Theron, Chris Rock, Jack Nicholson, Jon Cryer and many, many others.

Another great place you can stake out celebrities is by attending one of the many movie premiers that take place in LA. Two of the theaters that have the most movie premiers are the Mann National Theater located on Lindbrook Drive and the Mann Village Theater, which can be found on Broxten Avenue. Movie premiers are almost always held on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the early evening. If you’re going to be in the area during the day just check out the theaters to see if they are setting up the red carpet and the lights for the premier.

It is well known that celebrities and movie stars love to shop at some of the best designer’s shops. One designer that always has celebs flocking to his boutique is Fred Segal. You can locate his store which offers modern, hip clothes and designer accessories, at 500 Broadway. Some of the stars that are known to come here a lot are Jennifer Anniston, Megan Fox and Claire Danes.

One of the best places to find awesome antiques is at the Long Beach Antique Mall, just south of Paramount. Now, while you might not think this is a place for scoping out the stars, it definitely is. Some of the stars that have been known to peruse this 12,500 square foot antique mall include Kid Rock, Tori Spelling, Heidi Klum, Courtney Cox, Amanda Peet, Daryl Hannah, Alice Cooper and even Johnny Depp.

There are a lot of celebrities who live in Venice Beach, so this is another great location to stroll the famous sidewalks of the beach and keep your eyes open for stars. There is a clothing store called Planet Blue Madison that sells boho-chic clothing and accessories. You will definitely want to swing by as some of the stars that have been seen here include Ashley Tisdale, Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson. Some of the stars that are known to live in Venice Beach are Fiona Apple, Kate Beckinsale, Elijah Wood, Nicholas Cage and Julia Roberts.

Of course, seeking out celebs doesn’t end when the sun goes down, because many of them love to party at some of the LA area’s hottest nightclubs. Be sure to check out Sky Bar located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Here you might see Nicole Kidman, Tara Reid or even Guns N Roses. Also check out Pink’s on North La Brea Avenue where you might see Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy or Bruce Willis.

5 Baby Shower Games For A Fun-loving Crowd

Sometimes, you just want a baby shower that’s a little more rousing or colorful than the average event. Maybe you’re expecting a lively crowd, or maybe your shower’s pretty large — like a “Come and Go” shower — and you’ll have lots of guests who don’t know each other that well.

In that case, you might want some active, hands-on games to help pass the time at your shower and keep things lively. Here are some baby shower games sure to get things moving — all of them inexpensive, and not a single one requiring guests to scribble out their answers ons a sheet of paper while the clock ticks away!

1) The Cotton Ball Game. This hilarious game is totally easy to set up, and doesn’t require anything you don’t probably already have in your home: cotton balls, a spoon, and some bowls. You can play this game in pairs, or singles. Just plop down a bowl full of cotton balls in front of your player, who you’ve blindfolded. Have them try to spoon all the cotton balls from their bowl into another bowl — either one in sitting in front of their partner, or a second bowl balanced on their own head!

Watching people play the cotton bowl game will make everyone laugh their heads off. Cotton balls are so light, you can’t really tell if they’re actually on the spoon, so most of the time your players will be working hard to transfer nothing at all. Whoever transfers the most cotton balls to the other bowl wins a prize.

2) Don’t Say “Baby”. As each guest arrives, give them a necklace (that is, a length of string) with a baby pacifier or a safety pin strung on it. Any guest who hears someone else say the word “baby” can call her out. If she’s the first one to do so, she gets that woman’s pacifier or safety pin. The woman with the most pacifiers or safety pins at the end of the shower wins a prize. For a variation, tell guests they can’t cross their legs instead of telling them they can’t say “baby.”

3) Head Artist. Give each guest a pen or pencil and a paper plate, and have them place the plate on their head. When you say “go,” have each guest draw the best picture of a baby they can manage — while the plate is sitting on their head! This game is extremely challenging, but some guests are really good at it! The best drawing of a baby earns a prize.

4) The Toilet Paper Game. Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and have each guest tear off a piece according to how big around she thinks the new Mom’s tummy is. The closest guesser wins a prize! (But only play this game if Mom’s pretty svelte, so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.)

5) Twister. The twist on this game of Twister is that the players have to be “pregnant” (e.g., they stuff big pillows under their shirts). Get a nice prize for the last one standing, er, twisting! Naturally, any truly pregnant women will be sitting this one out, but laughing their heads off!

As for prizes, do guests have to give them all to Mommy? You might have heard this “rule,” and wondered about it. The answer is: absolutely not! The gifts are for the mommy; the prizes are for the guests. So pick out some small but sweet items, and tell your guests to enjoy!